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Life can be pretty digital nowadays… I wasn’t really surprised (however definitely concerned) to find out that the screen time I spend on my phone is around 6 hours a day, so there are a few things I like to keep analogue in my life: music, film photography and journals. I’ve always been a stationary fan and loved using real life paper journals, which I’ve shamelessly hoarded for no reason other than not wanting to throw them away at the end of the year. Even more so, being a sustainable blogger and getting to know the impact of the paper industry on the environment, I knew I had to figure out some other way to keep a diary.

The impact of paper waste

In Europe, we use an average of 160 kilos of paper per person per year. It’s easy for us to think “come on, it’s just paper… it can be recycled, right?” Well, yes but the production of this supply alone uses 4200 litres of water, 3 trees, 260 litres of oil and 640 kilowatts of energy. Even though paper can be recycled about 5 or 6 times (with its quality reducing every time), a lot of energy is required, not only for the recycling process itself but also for the logistics that come along with it. Furthermore, when recycling paper, water is polluted and halogens and bleachers are often added to make the paper look whiter.

So what’s the option if like me, you’d rather have a less digital approach to planning your schedule?

Have you ever heard of an erasable notebook? Today, I am going to tell you all about it! Not only have I been reducing my paper waste with this reusable notebook, it is also lightweight and fully customisable with beautiful covers and numerous layouts such as to-do lists and weekly planners.

Greenstory proposes a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to paper notebooks. For the production of their customisable whiteboard notebooks, no trees are cut down and virtually no water is used, isn’t this awesome? They also have an incredibly transparent supply chain and are constantly looking for alternatives to become even more sustainable.

Up until I discovered Greenstory, I’ve never really thought about the impact of the paper industry on the environment. I’m so happy that I get to showcase this incredibly creative and original company to you guys! Created by siblings Kaim and Yagmur Masmas with the goal to positively impact the world, they work with a simple and clear mindset: make great products, give personal client care and be sustainable by default.


A notebook, diary and to-do book in one

You can’t go wrong with any notebook by Greenstory but the “All-in-one Greenbook Package” will easily replace most of the paper items on your desk. My favourite thing about this particular Greenbook is that it has so many different layouts and it makes it so easy to organise my days, weeks and months with the planner pages. I can also use the different sections to separately plan my personal appointments, baby schedule, blog planning and so on.

Also, there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment when you wipe out a to-do list at the end of the day. Oh yes, the wiping out… I’m a list freak – groceries, goals, to-do, meal plans, you name it! I always had several little notepads around, getting filled and creating waste. Moreover, your plans changed or appointments got canceled? No problem, no paper waste – simply erase them.

A standard GreenBook (starting at €16.50 – or a non-customisable erasable notepad at €13.50) has got only ten erasable pages. This is of course, because you can reuse them. Ten pages is a lot less than a typical notebook with about two hundred paper pages. The pages have a great feel, even though they are “whiteboard pages” and having a bit of shine to it, it’s thin enough to feel just like paper which for me makes the experience even better!

What makes it sustainable?

First of all, it can be reused! Right there you have one of the easiest ways of living more sustainably – extending the lifespan of everything you consume. Moreover, if I want to change anything in my notebook, I simply click pages in and out of the binding. It was a fun process to while to figure out my ideal order! Curious how this works? There are several videos on this page. If I want to add any pages in the future then I can buy a set of pages instead of a whole new notebook. Also, I can refill the Magic Pen with the refill station. Very practical! Last but not least, my GreenBook arrived in recycled paper packaging.. Not just the envelope but the tape, the label… the works!

The Vegan Leather Cover…

The add-on Vegan Leather Cover is simply glorious! Made fairly in a family atelier in Thailand, this animal-friendly cover  it can be used over any A5 notebook or even standard books. It makes the notebook even more minimalistic and has a great feel, I actually want to keep touching it. Greenstory gets bonus points for the cover alone.

What is your favourite stationary? Are you going to give this reusable notebook a try?


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