How to live with less

What drive us to keep buying things? With the festivities between Christmas and New Year, we are bombed with sales, Christmas shopping, gifts for family, friends and also to ourselves. We buy things to demonstrate how much we care about other people or even to fulfill that urge of having that specific thing we finally deserve to buy.

When I write about consuming fashion, I always point out the questions we should ask ourselves before buying new clothes. Those same questions need to be applied in every daily situation, specially when we are about to purchase an item. Also, we can use the same principles to get rid of unnecessary things we already own or better yet, cherish what we have and prolong their lifespan. These questions apply for clothing, furniture, food and other items. Learning how to live with less is an amazing process that only brings joy for who decides to start a simpler and minimalist way of living. You can check here few steps on how to do it.

Does it have a purpose?

Try to analyse before buying anything if it actually have a purpose, or if you are just following the impulse of buying something new.

How long will it last?

Investing in long lasting products will help you avoid buying more things. Keep in mind to buy something timeless instead of trendy.

How much will I use it?

This question may apply mostly for fancy clothing for events and toys. Instead of buying a dress of a specific one time occasion, try to rent it or lend from a friend. With the toys you need to think if your kid really needs a new toy of if it’s something that you would like to buy just because it’s cute for them.

Will it become clutter later?

Decluttering can bring some sanity in our daily lives inside the house. Don’t buy stuff that you think is cool but has no purpose on a daily basis. The less you have, less you need to deal with.

Do I want this because someone else has it?

Nowadays we are surrounded but social media and constant online sharing of a “perfect life”. Or even just comparing possessions from your rich friend’s house can make you carve consuming more stuff just because someone else has it and you want it as well.

Do I have to buy it right now?

The best tip to find out if you really need to buy something is to go back home without buying it and wait until the next day. If you forget about it it’s a clear sign that you don’t need to buy it.

Sell your stuff

Declutter is your way into a minimal life. Make sure your selection contains well preserved things, sell them on the internet or donate to charity.

One in, One out

Compromise to give away one thing each time you buy a new one. It’s a great way to keep from cluttering.

Get rid of your duplicates

Without realizing we probably have more than one same object, specially kitchen utensils.

Hide it

If you aren’t sure if you need or want something that you already own, hide it in an unmarked box for 30 days. If you completely forget about it, them give it away.

Get Inspired

You can also check these tv shows available on Netflix about minimal way of live and how to declutter your home.

Minimalism and Tidying up

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