Blending in with Nature at Pousada Green – Brazil

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably looking forward to your next sunny scape. Holidays are fun but like it or not, travelling contributes heavily to climate change, the erasure of culture, and the spoiling of natural habitats. Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion, but unfortunately these huge numbers also mean a huge impact on the environmental, cultural, and socio-economic of the communities we visit, especially when the majority of tourists flock to “the most wanted” destinations.

One thing I love about visiting new places is the opportunity to immerse in the community and culture of that place, seeking the authentic experience of living of the locals. Staying at small, independently owned hotels and B&B can contribute massively to on reducing the environmental impact of our holiday.

At Pousada Green we had just that – the opportunity to stay at an eco-friendly place that blends in beautifully with the nature that surrounds it.

With just 6 room, this idyllic B&B has an atmosphere that brings us closer to nature, creating a special and unique experience. With minimalistic design and situated in the heart of Florianopolis, surrounded by some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, Pousada Green wants to encourage conscious tourism by promoting a lifestyle without excess, where people benefit and take care of nature.

Each morning, a beautiful breakfast basket made up of local bread, fruit and coffee, with not sidle-use plastic was left by our front door. We got to enjoy slow, silent and peaceful mornings, looking out into nature from our bedroom windows.

From rain water repurposing to using up cycled wood and roof tiles made of recycled plastic bottles, everything at Pousada Green was created with sustainability in mind. They’re idea is to educate guests on sustainable practices whilst providing a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Check out some actions taken by Pousada Green:

• Energy efficient equipment
• Rainwater harvesting and reuse
• Tiles made with recycled packages tetrapak
• Cabinets and shelves made from upcycled wood
• Conservation of surrounding native vegetation
• Local staff
• Recycling stations throughout the B&B
• Loan of books for the guests during their stay in the inn
• Bath towel reuse program
• Awareness program to reduce water use and reduce energy consumption
• Promote conscious consumption and discourage wasteful consumerism when visiting Florianópolis
• We help with the cleaning of the banks of the Lagoon of the Conception in the areas near the inn, sign up and participate.

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