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An individual goes through approximately 11,000 disposable pads and/or tampons in a lifetime. Multiply that number by everyone on this planet that gets his or her period and that equals a substantial amount of waste. Now, add that up to the fact that each tampon or pad comes inside a (often non-recyclable) plastic wrap, which goes inside another box or bag.

Wait, that’s not all… most pads contain polyethylene plastic (the adhesive that’s used to make the pad stick to your underwear), which is an environmentally harmful pollutant. They also usually contain chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon. While the products sit in landfills, these chemicals get soaked up by the earth and are released as pollution into groundwater and air.

Do you really think all of the above substances should get anywhere near the most sensitive area on our body?

Before I go any further, let me put this out there: in my opinion, menstrual cups are life-changing and I can’t live without it. However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine – choosing the best cup for you is very important and could take some trial and error to figure out the best way to use it, so here are pros and cons to help guide you through the way.


FREEDOM: Opposed to disposable pads and tampons that need to be replaced every few of hours, you only have to empty, clean and reinsert the cup every 12 hours. Which makes them game changers if you’re spending the day at the beach or a pool, horseback riding, doing yoga, running, you name it – no leak, no worries.

COMFORT: It looks bigger and might give you the impression that it will be uncomfortable but if inserted correctly, the menstrual cup is SO much more comfortable than tampons. I actually think that tampons can be pretty painful sometimes because it is basically a thick piece of cotton, that doesn’t curve with your body (and pads are just awful and itchy).

PRICE: Even though cups are initially more expensive then a box of tampons, it pays for it self in a few months and can last for years! OrganiCup for example is guaranteed to last for 10 years and costs £21. Make the math: at around £3 per box, you’ll spend £36 a year on disposable tampons.

SUSTAINABILITY: Just think of amount of the waste created each month by disposable period products. Consider the chemicals they contain, and that we put inside our bodies. All of which can be avoided by switching to a menstrual cup.

HEATHY: No BPA, no latex, no dye. No unbearable itchiness from pads that never stay in place or painful allergies from all the chemicals used on tampons.


GETTING USED TO IT: It can take a few cycles for you to get to know your body, understand your cervix shape and get the hang of it. OrganiCup has a super clever video to help you out (click to watch).

CONTACT WITH BLOOD: I hear this a lot but to be honest, I think there’s just the same amount of contact as you would have with a tampon. I guess people get a bit more freaked out with the cup because you see a bigger quantity of blood, as opposed to being soaked in cotton. Menstruation is still a taboo and we’ve been raised to be repulsed by it, so it could take a while (or a bit of feminist literature) to get used to it.

CUP HYGINE: As you need to wash the cup every time you empty it, might be a bit tricky to do so in a public toilet for example. However, the fact that you only need to change it every 12 hours gives you the security to wait until you get home. You can also use OrganiCup’s Cleaning Wipes to make changing on the go a done deal.

OrganiCup is the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons, and it is hands down my favourite. What makes OrganiCup different is the focus on sustainability and empowering woman, removing the taboo around menstruation while giving access to a healthy menstrual solution to as many people as possible. Registered with The Vegan Society, and AllergyCertified – it really is the healthier, easier and greener alternative to pads and tampons.

I had another cup for 5 years and its was working just fine. When OrganiCup contacted me to work with them, they sent me a cup to try out and I became a fan. First of all, the cup comes in an unbleached cotton bag and recycled cardboard packaging, making it even more sustainable. The cup itself is way better then the one I had! I know what you’re thinking: they all look the same, how much diference can you actually feel? Well, as it turns out, A LOT.

The steam has a better grip and the material feels of such great quality but still thinner which makes managing and inserting it more comfortable. Because it’s so easy to insert correctly I had absolutely no leaks, something that would happen sometimes at the begging of my cycle. I also appreciate that they have two different sizes, recommended for women that have had given birth vaginally or not.

I strongly believe that most people who had bad experiences with cups, simply had the wrong type or size cup for them. We are all build differently down there – some cups will work for others but not for you.

All in all, I love the brand as a whole. Their website is so pretty and educational, I could (and did) spend hours learning about periods.

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