Conscious Gift Guides – Mother’s Day

Is your mum a conscious shopper? She might be an eco-nerd, supporter of all things ethical, or an upcycling queen. It can be tough to find the right Mother’s Day gift for all of these planet loving mamas, so we’re here to help.

First things first: Why not gift her with an experience?! Take her for a lovely brunch, maybe a night away at an eco-friendly hotel (The Good Hotel in London is great one!) or get her tickets to that play she keeps going on about. Trust me, mums love to create memories with their children more than anything else!

However, if you’d still like to buy her a beautiful gift, we’ve got you sorted with our top picks of sustainable gifts for mum this year. I know that coming up with thoughtful mother’s day gift ideas can be tricky.  There are so many things that just end up being tossed aside, or thrown away and it’s kind of a bummer for the environment.


01. Lima Lima – Golden Necklace / 02. Saint + Sofia – Black Skirt / 03. Dick Moby – Sustainable Sunglasses / 04. Thought – Printed Scarf / 05. Gemondo – Lapis Lazuli Earings / 06. The Natural Skin – 100% Organic Cotton Robe / 07. Mmaa Rita Basket / 08. Saint + Sofia – Leopard Trainers


01. Nude by Nature Lipstick / 02. BECO Wild Berries Organic Soap Bar / 03. Ecotools Dry Brush / 04. Inika Blush Gift Set / 05. Aum Aromatherapy Activate Oil / 06. Beauty Kitchen Night Mask / 07. Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Pallete / 08. Soap Co. Geranium & Rhubarb Gift Set


01. Abstract House Art Print / 02. Seed Bomb Gift Set – Bird, Bee and Butterfly Friendly / 03. Neom Complete Bliss Candle / 04. Black + Blum Thermal Food Flask / 05. Lonely Planet – Sustainable Escapes / 06. Fair Trade Artisanal Vase / 07. Swell Bottle / 08. Curious Egg Ceramic Jug / 09. The Present Tree – Cherry Tree

They might be among the most important people in our lives, but mums only get one official day of recognition a year. So we say, let’s make it a bloody good one! Happy Mother’s Day!

*This post is not sponsored but I might earn a small commission if you buy some of the items.

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